Mary Gynn, RN


In order for you to understand what I do now, I'll share a bit of my background as a healthcare professional and diabetes educator over the years.

Education & Qualifications

As for my own education, I'm an RN qualified with a BSN, MSN/MS, and MPH. In order to become an RN, soon after graduating from high school I attended a three-year diploma program at St. Francis Hospital in Evantston, IL. I later returned to school to get my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) and soon afterwards got my Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) and a second Master's in Health Education (MS) in a combined program, by putting in an extra year and writing a thesis. Finally I got my Master's of Public Health (MPH) at University of Illinois (Chicago) School of Public Health, where I wrote a final paper on the History of Mastectomy in order to graduate.

All of these education programs introduced me to the world of chronic disease; it was from my classes, but more importantly from my clinical work with patients subjected to the disease, that I chose to focus my future work on diabetes.

Career & Publications

As an RN, I worked as a college professor for XXX years at XXX University, on XXX subjects. I also did XXX, and have led and participated in countless workshops, presentations, and classes at WHERE.

I've also authored countless segments for various publications, the two most relevant and ongoing being for the Senior Voice and an ongoing series of articles entitled Project Sugar. I also hosted a long-ago radio show called Politics of Health, which basically discussed XXX. At the bottom of the page, you can find links to some transcripts of Politics of Health and PDFs of some of my Project Sugar publications.

Current Work

Today, I still maintain my IL and FL nursing licenses. I founded Teaching for Health in order to focus primarily on pre-diabetes and diabetes education around the area of Florida where I currently live. Specifically, I set up and maintain series of classes on diabetes prevention and Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME). Believe it or not, very few other RNs in this area pioneer this type of ongoing community programming for diabetics!

I'm becoming a known hot item down here with my approach to both Pre (via prevention) and Diabetes SELF MANAgEMENT Education classes. I took the CDE test ages ago passed but didn't continue getting the CEUs. Cause I started teaching college and didn't want to pay or travel to get them. To learn more about my current areas of expertise and approach to diabetes education, check out the My Services page.

Publications & Radio Show

Here you can find links to some old Politics of Health transcripts and published Project Sugar articles. Feel free to sit back, relax, and have some fun reading or listening to these resources - you never know, you might encounter some surprising facts that could change the course of your healthcare!